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Get ready to take your access control system to the next level with AgileCore!

Our system offers a complete solution that encompasses both powerful software and robust hardware.


Smart Access Control consist of 3 major Modules:

Access Control Management

Visitor Management

Smart Office Solution

Module 1 – Access Control Management

We’re proud to announce that we support not only traditional card reader, but also Octopus Card Reader, QR code reader, NFC Wallet Pass, Facial Recognition, and other Registration Unit, making it even easier for you to manage access control in your facility. With AgileCore, you can trust that your access control needs are in good hands.

Upgrade to AgileCore today and experience the ultimate in access control technology!


Field proven in hundreds of INSTALLATIONS

2000+ Doors


2000+ Doors

Commercial Centre

2000+ Doors


Wallet Pass

With our smartphone-based credential solution, users can easily access secured areas using their smartphones, eliminating the need for traditional keycards. Our NFC-enabled wallet passes provide a hassle-free alternative to Bluetooth-based solutions, allowing for seamless access without the need for additional apps. Plus, with our apps-free solution, users can access secured areas without having to download and install any additional software. Experience the future of access control with AgileCore Smart Access Control System.


Dynamic &

Encrypted QR Code

Our Dynamic and encrypted QR codes are the next level in secure data transfer and sharing. Unlike traditional QR codes, which can be easily copied or tampered with, dynamic QR codes are unique and changeable, providing an added layer of security. Encrypted QR codes take this even further, ensuring that the data within the code is protected, even if the code itself is intercepted or stolen. With our dynamic and encrypted QR codes, you can rest assured that your visitor invitation is safe and secure and cannot be reused by another person.


Full Range of hardware choices

Network Controllers

Door Expanision Modules

Smart Card Readers

QR Code Readers

Facial Recognition

Module 2 – Visitor Management

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